Aliens Buster

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About Aliens Buster

“Aliens Buster” is a retro platformer video game that offers a thrilling adventure where the player’s mission is to save the universe from an alien threat. The game is set in a facility overrun by aliens, where the player must navigate through 6 different levels, each presenting its own challenges and obstacles. The primary objectives include shooting all the evil aliens, avoiding various booby traps like acid pits, buzz saws, and flamethrowers, and collecting three stars in each level to unlock the doors to the next part of the facility.

The game controls are designed for desktop play, with the arrow keys or ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys for movement, ‘W’ or up arrow key for jumping, ‘S’ or down arrow key to fire grenades, ‘X’ to shoot, and ‘Z’ to use the bayonet. The levels in “Aliens Buster” unlock sequentially, requiring the player to complete the current level to access the next. Players must also collect as many coins as possible and eliminate any aliens they encounter. Each level contains booby traps that the player must carefully avoid to preserve their health and progress through the game​​.

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