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Bazooka Trooper is an action-packed, physics-based puzzle shooting game where you play as a soldier armed with a powerful bazooka. Your mission is to eliminate dangerous criminals who have escaped from a high-security prison. The game involves navigating through various levels, aiming, and shooting to take down enemies while minimizing the number of shots used. Each level presents unique challenges that require both precision and strategic thinking.

The gameplay combines elements of puzzle-solving and action, with players needing to consider the ricochet and blast radius of their shots to maximize damage to enemies while conserving ammunition. The game offers a total of 21 levels, each increasing in difficulty and complexity, ensuring that players remain engaged and challenged throughout their mission to restore peace to the city.

Bazooka Trooper’s engaging mechanics, combined with its fun and challenging levels, make it an enjoyable game for those who love both action and puzzle elements. It is available to play on various platforms including Gameflare, KBH Games, and PacoGames.

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