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Heads Up introduces a fresh, macabre twist to the classic zombie game genre. The gameplay takes a spine-chilling turn as it tasks players to shoot a zombie’s head in a quest to reach unprecedented altitudes. Instead of the typical zombie eradication narrative, the players embark on a gruesome journey, aiming to propel the undead head as high as they can. The result is a unique game that intertwines a sense of dread with the thrill of achievement.

The gameplay involves more than just random shooting. Players must strategize to maneuver past an array of obstacles, from deadly traps to sharp pendulums. These hurdles add a layer of complexity, as players must ensure the zombie’s head remains intact while also maintaining its upward momentum. The head also gathers coins along its ascent, adding an element of reward to the gruesome endeavor.

These collected coins serve a purpose beyond mere point accumulation. They are a currency that can be used to unlock game-enhancing upgrades. Whether it’s new weapons boasting faster firing speed and amplified firepower or a money multiplier to accelerate coin collection, the upgrade options enhance the game’s replayability. A dark comedic element is introduced with the option to purchase a protective helmet for the zombie, offering a tad more durability against the perilous traps. The game poses a daunting question: how high can you launch a zombie’s head? Brace yourself for this chilling, yet captivating gaming experience!

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