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“Undertale: Last Breath” is a fan-made game based on the popular indie game “Undertale.” It presents an alternative storyline and battle scenarios, particularly focusing on a confrontation between Sans and Frisk. In this version, Frisk has embarked on a path of evil, and the player, as Frisk, must decide whether to continue on this destructive route or change course.

The game is structured in phases, with each phase escalating in difficulty and complexity. In the first phase, the player encounters Sans, who engages in dialogue, reflecting on the consequences of Frisk’s actions and questioning their motives. The player is faced with the decision to either attack or spare Sans. If the player chooses to continue the battle, the second phase introduces more challenging combat scenarios. Sans becomes more aggressive and is aided by Gaster, who intervenes at critical moments.

The final phase is the most intense, determining the outcome of the battle. This stage tests the player’s skill and strategic thinking to its limits. The game is praised for its engaging storyline, character development, and the challenging nature of its combat sequences.

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