Light it Up

Have Fun Playing Light it Up

“Light it Up” is a vibrant arcade platformer where you control a stickman who swings, jumps, flips, and slides through a neon-lit world. Your mission is to light up all the shapes you encounter by touching them. The gameplay becomes more challenging as the shapes start moving, rotating, and even exploding, while you must avoid deadly spikes that can end your run. The game offers 150 levels, each with increasing difficulty, and features satisfying sound effects and visual feedback as you light up the shapes​​.

The game includes various boosters to help you pass difficult levels and collect stars to unlock new levels. You can also unlock and equip different skins for your stickman character. “Light it Up” is available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, providing a seamless and exciting experience whether you’re at home or on the go​​.

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