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“Bad Time Simulator” is a fan-made game that is inspired by the popular indie game “Undertale.” It specifically focuses on recreating one of the most challenging and iconic boss fights from “Undertale” – the battle against Sans, a character known for his laid-back attitude and challenging combat style. Here’s a more detailed description based on what I know:

The game is essentially a simulation of the Sans fight, one of the final boss battles in “Undertale.” In this battle, players face Sans, a skeleton character who is known for his ability to manipulate time and space, making the fight unpredictably difficult. The game captures the essence of this battle, often described as a bullet-hell style encounter, where players must dodge an array of attacks in various patterns, such as bones and laser beams.

Players control a small heart, representing their soul, and must navigate through the intense barrage of attacks unleashed by Sans. The challenge lies in the game’s high difficulty level, as Sans’ attacks are fast, numerous, and require quick reflexes and precise movements to avoid. The game usually features a minimalistic, pixel-art style that is faithful to the original “Undertale” aesthetic.

“Bad Time Simulator” is popular among “Undertale” fans because it allows them to experience one of the game’s most memorable battles in a standalone format. It serves as both a tribute to the original game and a test of skill for players who want to engage in or relive the challenging battle against Sans. The game’s name, “Bad Time Simulator,” is a reference to a line Sans says in “Undertale,” indicating that the player is about to face a difficult challenge.

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