Cyber Racer Battles

Online Game Cyber Racer Battles

Set out on a thrilling cosmic adventure with Cyber Racer Battles, a traditional race game with an innovative mix of vehicle warfare and rivalry. Immerse yourself in a future filled with speed and battle, located in the mesmerizing depths of outer space. The game consists of two primary play modes – single or multi-player, where you can either go against computer opponents or compete with friends.

Cyber Racer Battles is comprised of three enticing play styles: Race, Mission, and Free Roam. When you’re racing alone, victory enables you to gather coins to buy upgraded hovercrafts. Six different maps, all with their unique obstacles and incentives, are available for exploration. The Mission mode presents a series of 12 vibrant and demanding fights. Controlling your hovercraft is done with specific keys for navigation, weaponry, and stabilizing, while for a second player, the control scheme is shifted to other keys.

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