Troll Tale

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Online Game Troll Tale

Troll Tale takes you on an absurd and hilarious journey as you play as a troll set on causing mischief. The game is an interactive point-and-click adventure that combines puzzle-solving with comedic elements. Players are presented with various scenarios, each requiring you to find the most unlikely and humorous solution.

The game’s appeal lies in its unpredictable and offbeat humor, keeping players guessing at every turn. The puzzles are ingenious, often requiring a twisted sense of logic to solve. The comic-style graphics, combined with the tongue-in-cheek dialogue and scenarios, enhance the game’s comical nature.

Troll Tale is an entertaining and memorable experience that will surely elicit laughs. Its blend of clever puzzles and absurd humor creates a unique and engaging gameplay experience. It’s the perfect game for those who enjoy humor and love a good puzzle.

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