Tomb Run – Tomb of the Mask

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About the game

“Tomb Run – Tomb of the Mask” is an online puzzle game that incorporates elements of arcade and maze-like gameplay. In this game, you play as a tomb raider exploring an ancient tomb where you discover a magical mask. Upon wearing the mask, you gain the ability to climb walls easily and promptly, which is crucial for navigating through the labyrinth of the tomb.

The game sets you on an adventure in the labyrinth filled with dangerous traps. Your objective is to move forward in the maze, collect coins, buy protective items, and ultimately find an exit from the tomb. This involves using the newfound abilities granted by the mask to overcome various obstacles and challenges within the game.

“Tomb Run – Tomb of the Mask” is designed to be played in a browser, offering an engaging experience without the need for downloading additional software. It combines modern game principles with classic arcade components, making it both accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of players​​​​​​.

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