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Info About Scribble

Get ready to dive into a world where your doodles come to life in “Scribble,” a captivating puzzle game developed by Nitrome. With a backdrop reminiscent of a sketchbook, the game encourages players to let their imagination run wild as they work to guide a group of blots through a series of increasingly challenging levels.

In “Scribble,” players are provided with a palette of colors and a canvas to draw upon. Your task is to create pathways, bridges, and other helpful structures using your drawing tools to guide the blots safely to the end of each level. However, the road to success is sprinkled with obstacles and hurdles, demanding a mix of creativity, logic, and precise drawing skills.

Each level brings forth new challenges and elements, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. The playful aesthetics, coupled with the joy of seeing your hand-drawn creations interact with the game’s environment, create a charming and whimsical experience.

As the levels progress, players will encounter a variety of puzzles and obstacles that require innovative thinking and clever drawing techniques to overcome. Whether it’s sketching a shield to protect your blots from dangers or crafting a lever to open a path, your drawing abilities are the key to advancing in this imaginative world.

“Scribble” is not only a game but a celebration of creativity and ingenuity, offering a relaxing yet stimulating experience that appeals to puzzle enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. The whimsical soundtracks and the visually pleasing sketchy graphics further enhance the game’s charm, making “Scribble” a delightful journey through a hand-drawn adventure. So grab your virtual pen, unleash your inner artist, and help the blots navigate through the imaginative and fun-filled levels of “Scribble!”

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