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Raze marks the beginning of a beloved online shooting game series, captivating players with its futuristic 2D platform shooting action. Developed by AddisonR and Juice-Tin and published by Armor Games in 2008, the game thrusts players into the role of a super-soldier tasked with defending Earth from alien adversaries.

Players take control of a customizable soldier equipped with an array of weapons and engage in high-octane combat across various levels. The game features a robust single-player campaign as well as a quick match mode that pits players against AI in various scenarios like deathmatch and capture-the-flag. The gameplay demands quick reflexes and strategic planning, making each match both intense and rewarding.

Earning credits through gameplay allows players to unlock and enhance their weaponry and gear, providing a deep level of customization and replayability. With its fast-paced action and strategic depth, Raze offers a thrilling combat experience that keeps players engaged through both its campaign and competitive modes.

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