Papa Pastaria

Important Note: The game works, but just one bug. You can’t see the source being poured, but you will see it after it’s done. Just move the source spoon around the food.

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Info About Papa Pastaria

Set in the whimsical town of Portallini, Papa’s Pastaria is a delightful simulation and time-management game that immerses players into the world of pasta making. As the newest addition to the “Papa’s” franchise, this game builds on its predecessors’ successes, adding a new layer of complexity with its pasta-centric gameplay. You play as a chef, taking on the responsibility of running the busy pasta restaurant.

From taking orders and cooking pasta to perfection, to topping it with the right sauce and sides, your culinary skills are put to the test. The game is as much about speed as it is about accuracy. As the game progresses, more complex orders start coming in and time management becomes critical. The goal is to make each customer happy by serving their customized pasta dish exactly as they like it. The better you perform, the higher your tips!

With charming graphics and engaging gameplay, Papa’s Pastaria offers a captivating restaurant experience. It’s not just about cooking and serving – players also get to upgrade their restaurant, unlock new toppings and pasta types, and even decorate the restaurant for holidays. If you enjoy time management games or have a love for cooking, Papa’s Pastaria will surely delight you.

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