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The Draggable Puzzle game is a creative and educational online game that offers a diverse range of categories to engage players of different interests and ages. The game’s categories include “Family Foods,” “Animals,” and “Travelling,” providing a variety of thematic puzzles for players to enjoy.

In the “Family Foods” category, players can expect puzzles related to different types of foods and dining scenarios, perhaps involving family members eating at a table and figuring out what each person will eat. This category could be particularly educational for children as it might introduce them to various food items and dining etiquette.

The “Animals” category likely includes puzzles featuring different animal species, possibly with their names in English. This can be both fun and educational, especially for younger players, as it can help them learn about various animals and their characteristics.

The “Travelling” category might include puzzles where players have to arrange objects related to travel, such as headphones, passports, or maps. This could be an engaging way for players to learn about different aspects of traveling and the various items associated with it.

Moreover, the game also seems to incorporate educational elements like dragging words to the correct pictures, adding an extra layer of learning and cognitive development. This feature enhances vocabulary and language skills, making the game not only entertaining but also beneficial from an educational standpoint.

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